Project Description

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Our client reached out to us in need of a newly branded campaign initiative that would spread wider awareness to Women Veterans about the health services offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Historically, our client served mostly male veterans and since more and more women were entering the military they wanted to focus on the culture change taking place.  They felt as though women veterans were unaware and under-utilizing the vast health services that they offered and were desperately in need of a larger campaign to spread the word and better relate themselves to this audience.

After many brainstorming sessions understanding the position of both sides, Accelerant established the “I’m One” campaign to launch this project.  It showcased the many different faces of Women Veterans with a message of how the Women Veteran’s Healthcare knows women veterans, cares about them and can serve them in a variety of ways.

The posters were produced in various formats and sizes; also with optional space for additional information. The templates allowed VA staff to easily distribute and print on-demand.  The images highlighted women in various fields and positions with the headline “I’m One” and “I am a Proud Veteran”.  The main purpose of the campaign in which it effectively delivered its message of support and pride to all Women Veteran’s was a complete success.