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Our team comprises of experienced and talented designers, strategists, and programmers. The environment in which we work fosters imagination, collaboration, and skill building. Our area of expertise extends beyond the creative to the strategic and technical components as well. We have a thorough understanding of the latest technologies and apply these appropriately for maximum results.

At Accelerant Studios, we make it our priority to fully understand our clients’ challenges and goals before developing and executing a strategy. Our clients come from multiple industries allowing us the opportunity to further learn and grow and develop the understanding required to best serve our clients. We create and execute projects for the Fortune 500 all the way down to one-person entrepreneurs.

We are located in Arlington, VA just minutes from our Nation’s Capital. However, we enjoy working with clients all over the globe.

The people at Accelerant offer a rare combination of capability, creativity, and outstanding customer service. It was great to know that any assignment would come out above and beyond our expectations.

Hazel Bradford, Washington Reporter, Pensions and Investments

If it was just for their design work, understanding and application of technology and customer service, i’d without question give Accelerant Studios an A. But where they really are a cut above is in their strategic advice.

Richard Ades, Strategic Action, Public Affairs



We lead by design


Our designers create effectual messages using the perfect blend of images, words and graphics. We understand the language of imagery and how best to capture our client’s message and goals and deliver it to their audience.


Plan for success, it makes a difference.


We are constantly and intensively thinking “outside the box” with every client engagement. We are skilled at effectively balancing both the push and pull of information. With each new project comes a new master plan to best promote the agenda at hand.


It's more than just logos and colors


Accelerant carefully considers and crafts the creation of a new brand or the redesign of your existing brand. Your brand is your promise to your audience. It’s how your audience perceives and feels about you. We help your brand gain trust with your audience.


Cards, brochure, trade shows, even car-wraps...


Our design team knows that each new project begins with understanding the fundamentals of the subject they are dealing with. Next comes applying the essentials of design principles and delivering a piece that harmoniously blends the two. At Accelerant, we design smarter.


HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Drupal...


Accelerant believes that your website is the grandest of opportunities to “tell your story”. We know that an opinion will be garnered only minutes after visiting your website. So what that opinion is, depends on us. Specializing in Drupal and WordPress driven websites.


Pretty pictures are important, but it has to work too.


Single-page Web Applications, Cross-platform Mobile Apps, Big Data Driven Dashboards, API Integration, or need a creative CMS based website built?

Let’s start planning your next big ideas today.

More specifically, we offer all this and more.

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

  • Letterhead design

  • PowerPoint design and development

  • Signs

  • Conference collateral

  • Trade Booths

  • Annual reports

  • Infographics

  • Website design

  • Forum design and development

  • Social media integration

  • Ecommerce development

  • CSS based Animation

  • Responsive web development

  • Video development and integrations

  • Web support and updating

  • Forms, surveys and data base integrations

  • WordPress development

  • Drupal Development

  • Shopify Development

  • Custom CRM, CMS and API integrations

  • SEO best practices

  • Email design templates

  • Email marketing systems integration

  • Custom graphic design

  • Marketing campaign management


David Glick
David GlickPresident
David Glick is the president of Accelerant Studios, where he runs all of Accelerant Studios’ projects and initiatives.

Prior to Accelerant Studios, David served as CEO of iDiploma.com, a high school education company. iDiploma provided a high school curriculum that met the Standards of Learning in all 50 states for schools to use with at‐risk students.

In 1995, David co‐founded Glick & Schneider, an Internet Web design and consulting company specializing in large sites. Glick & Schneider clients included The American Psychiatric Association, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and the Cato Institute.

From 1982 through 1998, David served as president of Fast Cuts, Inc., a Washington, D.C.‐based television post‐production facility specializing in helping clients communicate their ideas through technology. Fast Cuts clients included ABC, CBS 60 Minutes, NBC, Discovery Communications, A&E Networks, as well as many Fortune 100 corporations, nonprofits, and associations. Fast Cuts produced the initial funding tape for the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of the American Indian.

From 1989 to 1991, David served as a senior consultant to Hill & Knowlton working on crisis management and image campaigns. Clients included International Apple Institute during the Alar scare, Nintendo, NBC, Mazda, GE, SmithKline Beecham, and Lederle Laboratories. David was the Senior Producer for Hill & Knowlton’s efforts for the Government of Kuwait during the first Gulf war.

In addition, from 1982 through 1984, David was a Senior Producer for ABC News Satellite News Channel.

David has more than 25 years of experience as a creative director, producer, director, videographer and owner/operator of graphics, television production and animation studios.

David is also an accomplished fine arts photographer showing at art galleries all around the country. His photography can be seen at https://daveglick.com/ .

MichelleCreative Director
As Creative Director, Michelle oversees all creative aspects of client projects for print marketing materials, web sites, rich internet applications and digital brand strategies. She manages our design team responsible for the production, implementation and maintenance of our innovative and successful solutions.

Michelle has over 15 years of expertise in branding, direct marketing, and e‐commerce helping clients resolve business challenges through print and electronic mediums. Her management capabilities, exceptional creativity, and grasp of the technical aspects of today’s communications tools assure our clients of high‐quality, elegant and soundly functional deliverables. From developing and reinforcing identity and branding for target audiences to determining the means of technical dissemination, she plays a major role in the strategic planning, design, technical management, implementation, and quality assurance of projects.

Michelle served as Art Director for the Web and print components of Bristol‐Myers Squibb’s the Tour of Hope, a multi‐million dollar campaign that promotes cancer research awareness and clinical trials. As Art Director, Michelle was responsible for the site design, build, creative strategy and implementation. She conceptualized the interfaces for both the public and private sides of a sophisticated rider application. She managed a technical team in the development of the back‐end database, the application assessment system, and reporting tools. In addition, Michelle developed all of the print marketing materials.

Prior to her tenure with Accelerant Studios, Michelle served as Creative Director of BCSWebservices, net, a Web design firm that develops custom Web sites and Web enabled systems, including Internet, intranet and extranet sites. There she took a leadership role in developing and managing the Shop2u network, a cutting edge service that facilitated and personalized online shopping, bringing only qualified merchandise offers to consumers. From 1989 to 2000, Michelle served as creative director, designer, Webmaster and programmer at ING Worksite Financial Services (formerly ReliaStar Worksite Financial Services).

Vi Nguyen
Vi NguyenCreative
Vi is Senior Designer and Art Director at Accelerant Studios. A team member of Accelerant Studios since its inception, she has been a creative and strategic force behind myriad projects and initiatives. Vi’s skills and talents span from concept development to high design to project management.

Her portfolio demonstrates a broad range in design of logos, annual reports, print ads, Web sites, exhibits, flash animations, marketing materials for diverse clients including start‐ups, associations, campaigns, political initiatives, and Fortune 500 companies.

Successful projects that Vi has achieved for clients include the Web site redesign for BlueCross BlueShield Association, which merged their corporate, research, policy, and consumer portals into one cohesive site. Vi seized the opportunity to enhance brand image in print & web projects for International Partnerships for Microbicides (IPM), National Health Care Anti‐fraud
Association (NHCAA), Lightspeed Research, Issue Dynamics, and Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. The visual themes and motifs developed for were then echoed into further projects, thus reinforcing the company’s brand while allowing the brand image to evolve in a consistent direction.

Vi has degrees from Cooper Union School of Art and Rutgers College. In her personal life, Vi enjoys world travel, practicing yoga, running & other healthy pursuits.

Jim Faris
Jim FarisCreative
Clio award‐winning designer Jim Faris brings over two decades of brand, creative, and web experience ‐ as well as time at big agencies ‐ to Accelerant Studios.

Jim sports a long track record of launching successful sites and bringing new faces to companies and websites. At Accelerant Studios Jim is involved in the strategic thinking and planning which begins our creative process. Jim also creates website designs, builds animations, crunches XHTML, CSS, Ajax, Flash, and manages projects and clients.

Jim’s work is more than just making pretty pictures. It’s creating compelling and easy‐to‐use designs that will appeal to your customers and delight your prospects.

Jim has launched sites for companies including Polaroid, Liberty Mutual, Dunkin Donuts, Au Bon Pain, Holland Mark Advertising, 3000k and Casual Male.

In addition to the Clio, Jim has won a number of other design awards that includes 3 Hatch awards & a MITX “MIMC” award for “Innovation and Design”.

Peter Van Voorthuizen
Peter Van VoorthuizenBusiness Development
Peter Van Voorthuizen is a world traveler originally from the Netherlands, he grew up primarily in Northern Virginia and Africa when he was younger. Peter brings a unique mix of expertise. He started to work in technology
17 years ago because of his languages. Fluent in French, Spanish and Dutch he worked as a Global Account Manager for Network Solutions/Web.com where he managed international providers for all their digital needs.

He has a passion to work with all types of businesses which allows him to successfully help Accelerant’s clients with their web development, creative graphic design, campaigns and brand strategies.

In his free time, Peter loves to play with his family, dog and eat great food. He also enjoys playing competitive soccer, watch sports and loves to windsurf!



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