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Project Description

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is an association that provides inspections standards and enforcement, as their mission toward driver and vehicle safety.  What started out as a humble flyer evolved into a longstanding partnership between Accelerant Studios and CVSA.  Our relationship with CVSA has maintained through the organization’s multiple executive changes, new hires, and multiple vendor relationships. Accelerant’s acquired knowledge & understanding of the CVSA’s members (comprised of local to federal-level commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives), vast programs and products have earned us as a trusted partner in all of their marketing and communications initiatives and strategy. Not to mention our dependability and easy-to-work-with experience.

And we always stayed within budget as well.  We have consulted with our client on branding, mock-ups, podcast design, car wraps, conference materials, event materials, social media strategy, email marketing, and presentations.

Accelerant was the obvious go-to firm for CVSA’s complete rebrand for the organization, which includes the website redesign. The process required a massive restructuring of content and data assets into a user-friendly content management system. After a few training sessions, the CVSA staff was up and running on authoring the content of their site. Accelerant continues to provide technical and design support for CVSA.